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Stretch Limo Hire

The use of limousines to transport important clients to meetings or treat them to days out is nothing new and traditional models are readily available such as the luxury offerings from Bentley and the like. What is new is the number of makes and models that have been converted for companies to use in their stretch limo hire businesses. From Ferraris to Hummers, Lincolns and Audis and everything in between, someone, somewhere has probably stretched one.

The main advantage of these vehicles is the extra space that they afford passengers. This can make for a much roomier ride or provide seating for a greater number of people, depending on the stretch limo hire company’s specifications when they ordered the car. Some use the extra space to put in extra facilities such as a hot tub or disco floor whereas others create special VIP areas to relax in.

They are usually used on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries but you can take advantage of stretch limo hire services whenever you feel like it. Perhaps you have just been through a rough period in your life and feel that you deserve a good night out or just feel in need of some pampering. Whatever the reason, booking the use of one of these vehicles with a conveniently located stretch limo hire firm is bound to make you feel better about things in general and your day or night out in particular.

As there is a fair amount of competition for business in the limousine hire game these days they can be surprisingly affordable so do not let the thought of outrageous prices put you off looking into stretch limo hire. If you get together with a group of friends or family then you can split the cost between you and it will work out to be much more reasonable and worth it for the experience.

Apart from the obvious enjoyment of being seen in such a vehicle, stretch limo hire means that you do not have to have a nominated driver when you go out for the night so you can all enjoy a drink without having to worry about getting home later on. This is a big plus for those who like to party hard and booking a driver and car with a stretch limo hire company avoids any arguments as to whose turn it is to stay sober for the evening.

Given the choice of models on offer the only thing you are likely to argue about is which one to go for. If there are a lot of people in your crowd then one of the larger SUV stretch limo hire versions is a good bet as they can carry more of your friends than some of the more traditional types.

If there is a group that regularly likes to go on big nights out and do it in style then they can work their way through the range and see which stretch limo hire model they prefer.

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