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Harley Davidson Limo Hire

It sounds impossible but based on a Ford F-150 truck this model has been done out with an authentic interior and sports the logo of the famous motorcycle company from Milwaukee. Champagne or anything else that is asked for can be drunk from glasses in keeping with the theme of the whole vehicle when a Harley Davidson limo hire booking is made. The glasses also have the famous logo etched into them.

The next time a group of motorcycling enthusiasts fancy a special night out they can leave their hogs at home and enjoy themselves to the full without having to worry about riding home afterwards. These unique Harley Davidson limo hire trucks will ensure that the whole party feel instantly at home and will create a stir wherever they go.

In common with other limousines, entertainment is not lacking in these models and they are usually equipped with plasma TV screens, DVD/CD players and god quality stereo systems so some hard rocking can be enjoyed in a Harley Davidson limo hire truck along the way. Bar areas are stocked to keep the group in a good mood and special requests in the drinks and music area are easily accommodated.

If there are a few in the gang that will not leave their bikes at home then they can act as outriders for the Harley Davidson limo hire vehicle and make for an impressive convoy. A GPS navigation system will ensure that as long as everybody follows the limousine driver, then all will arrive at the destination without getting lost.

A decent truck will be able to seat 24 bikers in comfort as they enjoy the Harley Davidson limo hire experience. Custom paint jobs reflect the ones that are so popular with owners of this classic bike and the whole vehicle is coordinated inside and outside to please any diehard fan.

Whether it is an annual bash for a motorcycle gang or maybe time for one of the members to get married, Harley Davidson limo hire customized trucks are suitable for any such occasion. The leather interiors will match the leather jackets of the occupants to create an ambience that all bikers will love.

When most people think of a limousine they conjure up an image of a long black vehicle with tinted windows and the Harley Davidson limo hire offerings are no different in this respect although the badges and flags let everyone know that they are a bit more special than your average limousine.

These stretch themed trucks can be found across the country so it should be easy to book a trip or a day out in a Harley Davidson limo hire vehicle wherever you may be. Another alternative to the versions based on the Ford F-150 truck are 28 seater buses built along the same lines. There is no need to be going anywhere in particular when you travel in one of these as everything needed for a party is onboard the Harley Davidson limo hire bus.

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