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BMW Limo Hire

The BMW is a constant favorite when it comes to hiring a limo as while you may initially think that it's just another stretch limo, the 745 and even X5 BMW Limo Hire vehicles really do look the business. Whether it's a trip out in Vegas or the prom night at high school, hiring a typical limo these days will leave you wanting for nothing. Instead of spending a fortune on a 'car', why not spend on something a bit more stylish, which is guaranteed to get heads turning.

Looking at BMW Limo hire, there are two main variants available, being the 745 stretch which is a luxury sedan style limousine, suited for black tie events, weddings and even funerals. The 745 oozes all the style and class needed to look professional, whilst at the same time giving you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. BMW Limo hire is luxurious, stylish and when people see that unmistakable badge at the front of the limo, heads will start to turn as people realize that this really is an exclusive vehicle.

The 745 limo is the perfect vehicle for the business executive, the soon-to-be couple, and anyone that needs something which looks like a Rolls Royce or Bentley, but in a class of its own. BMW has a reputation for quality, and the custom interiors of these vehicles will give you the ultimate trip to your destination. Why travel in mediocrity when you can take advantage of BMW Limo Hire?

However, the 745 isn't the only limo variant that's own offer. These days the X5 SUV also has a BMW Limo hire variant with an interior that's decked out for fun. With hire companies offering the X5 in a number of configurations, you can find yourself sitting in the back of a 12 seater limousine enjoying a football game, a private show while relaxing in style in a truly exclusive vehicle.

With all the things you'd expect BMW Limo hire puts your party in a class of its own. While your friends may be hiring sedans to go to the prom, hiring a BMW X5 Limo will have everyone waiting to see who is getting out of this classy vehicle. The great thing about the X5 is that while it certainly makes a statement, it does it with an element of style and exclusivity. Indeed, it's certainly not a stretch Hummer, but perhaps that's a good thing as instead of being lauded for arriving in the candy pink Hummer, you can arrive in style with BMW Limo hire, letting you relax in comfort.

With configurations typically including a full cocktail bar, plasma TV and even a dance floor, you could end up spending the whole night in this luxury vehicle. Indeed, one thing's for sure; once you and your friends get in, you may very well find yourselves enjoying the ride more than the actual party or celebration. BMW Limo hire sets itself apart from the rest, and with a BMW Limo, you really can arrive in style.

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