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Rolls Royce Limo Hire

A constant favorite for many years with wedding parties all over the world, a Rolls Royce offers the ultimate in luxury and prestige. They are justly famous for their ride quality and smooth quiet engines which combine to create a soothing experience and this is one of the reasons that people still opt for Rolls Royce limo hire when they want everything to be perfect.

Vintage models have a charm all of their own and there are many firms that specialize in the hire of these vehicles alone. They do require care and attention to keep them purring like a kitten so a company that has skilled mechanics is best for Rolls Royce limo hire packages that feature classic cars.

Because of their popularity as wedding cars there are many white vehicles to be found but if another color is required then a little hunting around should soon dig up something suitable. The iconic Silver Shadow, produced from 1965 until 1980 makes an ideal Rolls Royce limo hire vehicle for many.

If the weather is guaranteed to be dry and sunny then a Corniche is an elegant choice with its cabriolet body allowing you to let the roof down and bask in the warm sunshine as you make your majestic way to a wedding or honeymoon destination.

For more modern Rolls Royce limo hire choices there is the 4 seater Phantom Coupe or this years offering, the Ghost. For a lot of customers the actual model is of secondary importance as it is the legendary name that they are interested in and everything that it implies.

If more space is needed then one of the Rolls Royce limo hire stretch models will be more suitable and when well executed still retain the elegance of the car they are based on. Breaking down should not be a worry in one of this manufacturer’s vehicles as it is said that more than 60% of all the cars they have churned out, whether being used as Rolls Royce limo hire cars or not, are still roadworthy today. This is some achievement considering that they started making them in the early 1900s.

The Spirit of Ecstasy or Flying Lady as it is known in the USA is the mascot that sits proudly on the hood of Rolls Royce limo hire cars, announcing to the world the pedigree of each and every vehicle. Those on modern cars are designed to retract into the radiator shell if they are hit by anything to ensure the safety of passengers. Any chauffeur entrusted with the driving of these vehicles should be of the highest standard to ensure your Rolls Royce limo hire experience is the best that it possibly can be.

Impeccable manners and spotless uniforms are a must to complete the effect when riding in what is one of the most famous marques in the luxury motoring world. If a decision is made to splash out on Rolls Royce limo hire then only the best is expected.

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