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Porsche Limo Hire

Based on the Cayenne model, the stretched version of this car can seat up to 14 people in its luxurious interior and offers the comfort of a limousine together with the sporting looks that this German manufacturer are well known for. There are many companies around the country that have among their fleet a Porsche limo and they come with different interior configurations, depending on the coachbuilder who was employed to produce them.

Some of the more common features to be found include a mirrored ceiling, inside and outside neon lighting systems and the latest DVD players with multiple flat screen monitors strategically placed around the cabin so that all the Porsche limo passengers can see the action. As these vehicles may seat from 8 people upwards depending on what amenities have been fitted, it is advisable to check before booking to make sure the one you want can carry all your guests.

Black is a favorite color for these vehicles and complements the Porsche limo body shape nicely, making for a prestigious looking car that will turn heads. Sumptuous leather seats and highly trained drivers make for a very comfortable ride and fully tinted windows ensure your privacy at all times. Add to this the performance and reliability of the engine and you have every reason to expect a Porsche limo to deliver the ultimate in limousine experiences.

On hot days, the state of the art air conditioning will keep passengers suitably cool and ready for whatever lies ahead. With smoke machines installed in some vehicles, together with the lights and sound system you can have your very own private disco in a Porsche limo as you make your way to your destination.

Models with gull wing doors will definitely make an impression as passengers disembark in front of the hotel or nightclub that they are bound for. White ones are naturally popular for wedding duties and champagne and flowers can be laid on for the bride with white Porsche limo deals. You are guaranteed to create the right mood if you book one of these for your special day.

Any limousine has a certain amount of prestige but when it carries the badge of this famous German car maker you know you are getting the best quality available. This is why a Porsche limo is fitting for so many different occasions. Apart from weddings and nights out they are the perfect vehicle to transport guests to race days and other sporting events. Many companies will include alcohol at no extra cost unless you specify a particular brand.

Although there are many other makes of limousine available a Porsche limo says a certain something about the people it carries in luxury to elegant balls or top class restaurants. Prices are reasonable when you take into consideration what your money is paying for and with 14 people sharing the cost, it is not out of reach of students who want to make a splash with a Porsche limo on prom night.

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