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16 Seater Limo Hire

When looking for a limousine for parties of 16 people the larger Hummer models and some of the SUV stretch versions immediately spring to mind, In addition to these the Lincoln Navigator is another choice for a luxury vehicle that will seat this amount of people in style and comfort. Other choices for 16 seater limo hire include stretched Ford F-150 trucks.

If you decide that the Lincoln is to your liking then features such as vanity mirrors for the girls to check their make-up en route and full surround sound systems to entertain everybody are often included in these vehicles. Various different lighting configurations are also available in this sort of 16 seater limo hire car such as neon lights, strobe lights and dimmer controlled ones so you can set them to create the atmosphere that is most appropriate for the evening.

The large Hummers definitely look the business and can seat 16 guests with ease. The ones with gull wing doors make for 16 seater limo hire vehicles that offer a more dramatic effect when entering and exiting them. Once inside, changing color ceilings and contrasting leather seating are all part of the unique experience with these models.

Party bus limousines are something else to think about for large groups and are eminently suitable for those looking for 16 seater limo hire services or vehicles that can accommodate even more people. These well equipped buses are perfect for raucous hen nights and bachelor parties with plenty of space to get on down and groove to the music supplied from the latest sound systems.

With extensively stocked bars, often complimentary, and all the other entertainment options that a 16 seater limo hire vehicle offers, customers often find that they have as much fun on the way to their destination as they do when they actually get there. In fact it is quite feasible to hold a party in one whilst you drive around and see some of the sights of a large city.

16 seater limo hire deals are not hard to track down as most companies have something suitable in their fleet. It is best if one or two people are put in charge of organizing the hire though as if all 16 pitch in with their opinions then reaching a decision on which 16 seater limo hire option to go with can become impossible.

If you are arranging a surprise night out for a friendís birthday then whichever make and model turns up at their house, they are sure to be shocked and then delighted as they take in the monster vehicle that is sitting outside their home. 16 seater limo hire cars tend to stand out from the crowd so are not for the shy and retiring although with heavy tints and discreet black paint jobs they do not have to be garish and too ostentatious.

Hiring one is all about a fun night out though so 16 seater limo hire pink Hummers can be a scream.

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