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Phantom Limo Hire

If you want to make a statement when arriving at a venue, whether it be your aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary or a school reunion then turning up in a Rolls Royce Phantom is the way to do it. Many of the limousines available are a little too flamboyant for some but with Phantom limo hire you get style and panache as well as the most luxurious ride you are likely to experience.

Pearlescent white models are hard to beat for a wedding car and set just the right tone if the reception is being held in the grounds of an elegant stately home or plush hotel. There are many Phantom limo hire companies to choose from and compromise is a word that should not be in their vocabulary. If you are willing to pay for the best then make sure that you get the best service to go with it.

This vehicle was originally launched in 20003 and is also available from Phantom limo hire firms in standard and drop head coupe versions. Each one is assembled to customers’ individual specifications so there will be a variety of options that may be different in each one. If there is anything in particular that you desire then it can pay to shop around. It is not every day that Phantom limo hire vehicles are going to feature in your life so do make sure you are completely satisfied with what you are being offered.

As there are a staggering 44,000 exterior paint colors to choose from and numerous leather colors for the interior, it is quite possible that when you decide to go for a Phantom limo hire car it will be one of a kind. The inclusion of navigation systems will help your driver to take you to wherever you desire, even if he has never been there before.

Other features that go to make this one of the best luxury cars on the market and have popularized Phantom limo hire include a 26 speaker sound system, heated and cooled cup holders to keep your drink at a perfect temperature and tables for rear seat passengers to use while they are travelling in one of these high quality vehicles.

Many famous people have chosen to buy this model so when selecting Phantom limo hire you are in excellent company. Climate control and a well stocked fridge help to make sure passengers are as comfortable as possible during their journey and they may be reluctant to leave the luxurious cocoon once they arrive at their destination. Going back to travelling in your regular car will be an adjustment after a Phantom limo hire.

When travelling with friends or business clients the fact that the climate control can be individually adjusted for five different zones means that everyone can control their own part of the cabin and have it at their preferred setting. This is a very nice feature that Phantom limo hire clients always seem to be pleased with.

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