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Types Of Limos For Hire

Anyone who has taken a glance at some of the websites dealing in limousine services will have noticed the variety of vehicles that there are to choose from. Gone are the days when you had a stretch black limousine or nothing at all. To cater for the variety of occasions that people want them for the types of limos for hire have expanded to include almost anything that you can think of.

For something a little different a Hummer converted into a stretch limousine will attract attention as it makes it way through the streets of any town or city. There are limousine buses with disco lights and pools among the types of limos for hire as well. The Lincoln Town stretch model is still a popular choice with the more traditional customer owing to its elegance and prestigious looks.

If you have never seen a Ferrari that has been converted into a limousine then a treat is in store when it arrives. Other types of limos for hire include more conventional looking Chrysler models and SUV stretch limousines have become more common in recent years. They offer the advantages of space and maneuverability as well as looking quite understated for those who wish to maintain their anonymity at the same time as travelling in luxury. Some of these types of limos for hire can carry up to twenty four passengers.

To really make sure that people notice your arrival a fire engine limousine is one choice that is bound to draw attention. If you want the ultimate in relaxation then if you take the time to have a look around there are types of limos for hire that have a hot tub to unwind in. TVs and great stereo systems are of course also available in most models on offer.

Vintage buses have even been converted into limousines and are a good choice for larger parties. In fact the party can start as soon as you board these giants among types of limos for hire, with all the amenities you could wish for available to use. In fact you could spend the whole night on the bus and use it as your party venue.

Other models that can be found in the novelty market for limousines include ambulance limos and various different sports cars. Types of limos for hire in this category have obviously been especially converted and are not regular offerings from the manufacturers themselves.

If all the above sounds a little too much then perhaps a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce would be much more in keeping with your tastes. These companies have been making luxury cars for years so as types of limos for hire, they make perfect sense. They already offer an unrivalled ride and top quality interior without any need for modifications. When it comes down to it, the event you are attending and your own character will be two of the biggest factors when looking at the types of limos for hire you like.

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