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Beetle Limo Hire

The Volkswagen Beetle has been a classic in its own right for many years and the limousine version is equally charming. Maintaining the shape that made it so appealing for so many people it has been stretched slightly to provide more room and make it ideal for those interested in finding a Beetle limo hire option that have been frustrated in the past. Now they can have the retro wedding of their dreams with a white Beetle limousine to deliver them to the church and take them to the reception afterwards.

Many unusual conversions have been attempted with older style vehicles but this one seems to hit the spot and Beetle limo hire has attracted a lot of attention. It is not just nostalgic older people who are attracted to this model either. You will see many youngsters in them nowadays so the appearance of a stretch version is sure to appeal to them too. Some models have been stretched further than others meaning that Beetle limo hire has become a practical option for larger parties as well as its use as a conveyance to wedding venues.

For a daughterís 18th birthday party, hiring one of these to transport her for the evening would make a lovely alternative to being ferried about by her parents. For both males and females, Beetle limo hire is a cool new way to travel to important celebrations or just a wild night out with a few friends. Apart from the fun they will have, parents can rest assured that there is a professional driver on hand to get them all back home safely.

You can find a company offering Beetle limo hire most easily by looking online. They can seat 6 passengers in comfort and still retain the unique engine sound that, along with their bug-like shape, has endeared them to so many people. If this was changed then part of the carís character would disappear with it.

Some people never liked it and Beetle limo hire will obviously not be for them but there is a big enough fan club out there to make this type of limousine well worth acquiring for any operator. It will be interesting to see if anyone attempts a super stretched version in order to make it suitable for bigger groups. Beetle limo hire might still be an option in such cases if this does not happen as they can of course hire two of them if they are lucky enough to find a company in possession of good examples in their locale.

You can find models based on both the classic car from the sixties and the newer version at Beetle limo hire companies. The older model will be more popular with genuine enthusiasts whereas the newer ones may be more suitable for those who desire a little more refinement. In either case you will be guaranteed to be travelling in something quite distinctive when you decide to book a Beetle limo hire vehicle for your event.

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