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Novelty Limo Hire

Limo hire is a popular choice for weddings and up until recently, many people have assumed that hiring a limo means you either get a chauffeur driven car, or a stretch limo that costs a small fortune. However, as more and more people look to hire a VIP limo for all sorts of events from stag parties to hen nights and even kids parties, novelty limos for hire is becoming a popular topic of interest as people look for a way to make their day or night absolutely unforgettable.

With novelty limos for hire, people can choose from all sorts of limos for hire. Indeed it's possible to hire everything from huge fluorescent pink stretch Hummers, tanks and even ambulances! With countless vehicles available to choose from, if you can believe it, then it's probably already been stretched into a full-size luxury vehicle ready to take you and your friends on the trip of a lifetime.

Novelty limos for hire are perhaps a great way to host a kid's party. One of the great things about novelty limos for hire is that kids love ambulances, fire trucks and by hiring one of these vehicles, your youngsters can have a truly unforgettable birthday party. What better way to let them play firefighter for the day than to hire a full-sized real fire truck!

It may sound insane, but these vehicles have been painstakingly converted into luxury vehicles with every extra you could imagine. Luxury seating, dance floors, light shows, plasma TV's and full bars are all extras you can expect in a luxury limo. With some novelty limos, hire might also include faux uniforms so that you really can enjoy a fun night out! For kids or adults, novelty limos for hire give everyone the chance to have an unforgettable night.

While novelty limos for hire may be more expensive than many traditional limo hire vehicles, when split between your friends, it's not all that bad! With some vehicles costing as little as $20 per person, novelty limos for hire gives you the ability to ensure that everyone arrives in style, comfort and avoids the risk of worrying about drinking and driving.

Indeed, what better way to cheat the police than to hire a novelty police limo for the evening with your own personal chauffeur? Drink as much as you want and relax knowing that while you are sitting in the back, it's not because you've just been arrested! With all sizes of novelty limos for hire, you can transport yourself, your whole family or perhaps even the whole party!

By hiring a novelty limo, it'd be an understatement to say that you'll be arriving in style because with one of these unique vehicles, heads will turn! Great for prom nights, birthdays, weddings and all kinds of celebrations, novelty limos for hire are a great way to ensure that everyone has fun and that you'll be the talk of the town for weeks after you've spent the night rolling around in the ultimate luxury vehicle.

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