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Ferrari Limo Hire

Sports car fans that need a limousine for the night need look no further than the Ferrari Modena 360 stretch limo. This 20ft vehicle can reach speeds of up to 170mph making it the fastest kid on the block as far as limousines go. So if you need to get somewhere in a hurry then Ferrari limo hire will get you and your friends there in comfort and luxury as well.

With room for eight passengers this model can literally whisk people to nightclub opening evenings and other glamorous events. 9ft gull wing doors make for easy entry and exit from the vehicle and arriving in a car from a Ferrari limo hire firm, the issue of turning heads goes without saying. People will be transfixed as you whizz by on your way to whatever celebration or party awaits.

Unfortunately owing to the nature of the car there is no room for a bar or VIP area but LCD TV screens are fitted for entertaining Ferrari limo hire customers as they make their way to their destination in a manner which cannot be described as sedate. If slow and comfortable is what the occasion calls for then it is probably best to book a more traditional limousine. Sporting events are something that spring to mind when thinking of Ferrari limo hire as they would make the perfect vehicle to attend an exciting final in.

A cutting edge sound system and disco lighting add to the high speed experience if something extra is needed to get the adrenaline pumping. The 400 BHP engine and stunning acceleration will probably do this on their own though when a Ferrari limo hire car is booked for a day out. Models have been spotted in classic red and stylish black finishes.

They are not a common sight and as there are only a few of them around bookings need to be made well in advance of the day that they are required. The market for Ferrari limo hire is set to take off though and hopefully more vehicles will become available in the near future. For those lucky enough to get tickets to a Formula 1 race meeting this must be the first choice as far as transportation for the weekend goes.

With an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, the Ferrari limo hire 360 Modena is the world’s longest supercar so in addition to the thrill of the ride you will be able to revel in being seen in a record breaking vehicle as well.

What young man would not want to be seen in one of these, perhaps turning up in a Ferrari limo hire car for a graduation party or a stag night with a difference? It would certainly make for a night to remember for all guests and something that would be talked about for a long time to come. If you are determined to be unique then riding in a Ferrari limo hire car has got to be done.

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