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Audi Q7 Limo Hire

Based on the recently released SUV from this reputable carmaker, the limousine models were quick to follow. They seat 8 people in luxurious comfort and the model on which the limousine is based has good off road capabilities. With their reputation for safety and build quality it was only a matter of time before Audi Q7 limo hire became a reality and as it turned out not very much time at all.

With disco lights inside and exterior strobe lights on some versions you will certainly be hard to miss wherever you are going in one of these. Having said that when you look at the style of Audi Q7 limo hire vehicles they have an elegance to them that lends itself to any occasion. This model would look equally at home in a racecourse car park as it does drawing up at the front of a busy nightclub in the centre of town.

Champagne bars have been fitted to many vehicles destined for Audi Q7 limo hire fleets and 22 inch chrome alloys are a popular customization as well. As with all other custom made limousines it is not possible to detail the exact specifications as they will vary depending on what the company who ordered the vehicle asked for. If you are not happy with one car then another Audi Q7 limo hire firm may well have what you are looking for because of this variety.

If color is important to you then they are generally available in black, white, silver and pink at the moment, although this could change as customer demand dictates. One thing is for sure. The market for Audi Q7 limo hire is likely to expand rapidly judging by the initial reactions to its appearance on the scene. It seems to have struck a chord with its blend of aesthetically pleasing exterior design, safety features and ride comfort.

Astute owners of companies that are already operating in this area should be moving into Audi Q7 limo hire as soon as possible to take advantage of the new business opportunities that it will bring to their door. Along with models like the Hummer and Ford F-150 truck limousine this new offering will ensure that any firm with all three in their fleet should capture a large part of the market.

Audi Q7 limo hire is bound to increase in popularity as mentioned above so if anyone fancies a ride in one then they should get in touch with a firm that has them in their fleet as soon as possible. It is likely that, in common with the Hummer limousines, waiting lists will fill up quickly for Audi Q7 limo hire.

For your sonís 21st birthday celebrations this type of vehicle would be ideal and sure to go down well with him and his friends. It manages to present a masculine, sporty image without being so brash as to be embarrassing. Prices should come down as more Audi Q7 limo hire models become available.

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