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Range Rover Limo Hire

When looking for a vehicle like this with a competent driver, there are a number of choices available. For larger parties there are 35 foot stretch versions around that can seat 14 people in comfort or for smaller groups, slightly modified vehicles can be booked that offer extra legroom in the back for Range Rover limo hire customers that want the performance and looks of the original with a little more space to relax in.

It is also possible to hire an armored car of this type if safety is an issue, making it the ideal conveyance for high powered businessmen and those in positions of authority looking for Range Rover limo hire that can sometimes attract unwanted attention owing to the nature of their work. Tinted windows keep prying eyes from seeing who is inside and added luxuries such as a fully stocked fridge ensure a soothing journey for all passengers.

For hen nights and other lively events the stretched models in the Range Rover limo hire range come equipped with booming sound systems, disco lights and LCD TV screens to entertain partygoers as they travel to and from their destination.

Some of the models are based on the Vogue whereas others are customized sports versions. They come in various different colors so for people interested in Range Rover limo hire there is a wide selection to choose from as far as exterior looks go. On the inside you can of course choose whatever music or movies you wish, to suit the mood of the event being attended.

As with many modern vehicles they come with satellite navigation systems to ensure that the Range Rover limo hire chauffeur takes the best route possible. Specialist providers of these luxury 4 wheel drive limousines should have professionally trained drivers who are experienced in handling the model you wish to hire.

If you need to attend a business meeting in the countryside and it is possible that road conditions may be bad then Range Rover limo hire is a good option as the original models were designed to take on almost any terrain thrown at them. The versions that are only customized to provide extra room in the rear will be your best choice for these types of journeys as they retain all the performance that has made Range Rover limo hire a popular choice with people who live in remote areas.

They are also ideal for events in town as the high ride height and commanding presence on the road ensures a safe trip and impressive arrival at any venue. If a stretched version is booked then try to let the Range Rover limo hire firm know as much as possible about the routes that will be taken so that they can be sure the vehicle will be able to negotiate the roads. Very tight corners can cause problems with the longest models but with some planning ahead can usually be circumvented to make your Range Rover limo hire experience perfect.

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