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14 Seater Limo Hire

There are several choices for people looking to hire a limousine that can seat 14 people in comfort. The Ford F-150 stretch version is just one option to bear in mind. Others include the Hummer and the various types of limousine buses that are aimed at those looking for vehicles suitable for 14 seater limo hire and greater. For this amount of people though, the Hummer and some of the newer SUV stretch models are probably the easiest to find.

You can shop around online and have a look at the different type of layouts that are on offer as well. You could find a company offering 14 seater limo hire in a larger vehicle that has extra facilities if you require them or you could go for something more basic that is designed to whisk that amount of people to their destination with the minimum of fuss and in maximum comfort.

Two vehicles is another option but part of the fun of a 14 seater limo hire is the party atmosphere that develops as you travel to your chosen venue. Everybody has the chance to chat and get in the mood for the evening’s festivities making it a much more enjoyable experience. If you split up into separate groups it will not be the same.

Some of the amenities you may find with 14 seater limo hire vehicles include wide screen TV monitors, strobe lights, excellent sound systems, satellite navigation to make sure your driver does not get lost and of course a bar. These all go together to create the right ambience for a great night out and so should not be forgotten when looking at 14 seater limo hire deals that you may be offered.

As with other types of limousine you will find these available in a choice of colours. Black is an old favourite as is white, and pink seems to be gaining in popularity with certain groups of people. Many of the vehicles in the 14 seater limo hire range are equipped with 4 wheel drive to make light work of any slippery roads that you may have to travel along. If your party is in the countryside during the winter months then this is a big bonus.

At times like Christmas and New Year checking the 14 seater limo hire availability well ahead of time is a good idea as the limousine companies tend to get very busy during these periods. It would be a major disappointment if it got to the big day and you all had to take taxis to the party instead of arriving in style as planned.

Recently, 14 seater limo hire and even larger capacity vehicle hire has become increasingly popular as people look for ways to spice up their regular social life. It is prudent to fix a meeting point for the end of the night so that nobody gets left behind as it is easy to lose track of people with 14 seater limo hire evenings out.

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