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Trailer Limo Hire

Today, there's a new limousine available for hire in the US and this limousine is like no other. Dubbed perhaps the most expensive limousine in the world, the trailer truck limo is actually more of a luxury railroad car and truck than a limousine. Seating over 40 passengers with full bar and even waiting staff, this luxury machine has almost celebrity status wowing people across the nation.

Indeed, the trailer truck limo known as the Midnight Rider is perhaps one of the world's largest limousines and this vehicle if you can call it that is certainly a monster. With two separate lounges, this trailer truck limo is designed to be reminiscent of the nostalgic Pullman railway cars and this vehicle features its own bar as well. With no expense having been spared, this is perhaps the world's most unique limousine and the midnight rider is in a class of its own.

Safety-wise, the trailer truck limo is a great deal safer than many of the larger limousines as it features stronger brakes, more wheels and the trailer has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind. With no expensive having been spared, the Midnight rider is also the world's most expensive limousine and upon boarding this fine vehicle, you'll soon realize why. With an extensive array of polished wood and fine brass, once you and your party of up to 40 people board this fine vehicle, you'll be whisked back to the 1800s to enjoy a ride of true luxury.

The bad news however is there's only one of its kind and construction costs were estimated to be in the region of $2,500,000. However for those looking to hire the ultimate in limousines, the Midnight Rider trailer truck limo is perhaps the only choice. The good news however is that while there is only one in existence, there are also countless other types of limousines available for hire throughout the country.

Indeed, limousine hire and novelty limo hire has grown substantially in the past decade, and it's possible to hire everything from luxuriously decked out buses to stretch limousines that can seat anything from 8 people up to 28. The types and variations are endless with hummers, Porsches, Ferraris and countless other cars all being converted into stretch limousines.

The Midnight Rider is certainly one of the world's most famous limousines and it's clear to see why. If you can manage to hire this vehicle then you'll be riding in one of the most exclusive limousines ever built. If you can't, then the good news is that there are countless limousines available for hire which are luxurious, spacious and just as unique as this absolutely massive trailer truck limo.

With sports cars, pickup trucks, Beetle's and almost every type of vehicle having been converted to a limousine, when looking for an alternative to what must be perhaps the worlds only trailer truck limo, you'll be spoiled for choice. Indeed, the only limit is your imagination, your budget and also your seating requirements.

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