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Campervan Limo Hire

Surprisingly enough, campervan limo hire is actually a rarity in the United States. While there are a number of companies offering campervan limo hire, it has to be said that if you're looking to hire a limo for just a few nights, you may in fact be better off hiring a party bus. These party bus limos are just as large as campervan limo hire vehicles and in some cases can seat even more people. It's a great way to arrive in style and with a party bus you can be assured just as much comfort.

Indeed while there are quite a few campervan limo hire vehicles throughout the country it has to be said for the most part that they're still in the minority. In past years while novelty limo hire has taken off and became quite popular, it's more in the realms of 4X4 limo hire, sports car limo hire and even monster truck limo hire that's proving to be a hit. Perhaps the reason why campervan limo hire isn't quite so popular is that the campervan is perhaps a cult vehicle.

The VW campervan is almost a celebrity vehicle and people really do queue up to be ushered to their wedding with a VW campervan limo hire. If you can believe it, there is even a funeral company in the UK that has converted a VW campervan into a hearse! For those who are Volkswagen aficionados, there's now a campervan limo waiting to take you to your wedding and even your grave.

With countless variations on VW Campervan Limo hire it has to be said that you really are spoiled for choice. While they're by no means as luxurious as a traditional stretch limo with all the trimmings including dance floor, TV, bar and even light show, with a VW Campervan Limo hire, you can arrive to your wedding in a truly unique style. The great news is that hiring one of these vehicles is more affordable than hiring a stretch limo and for the environmentally friendly it's also more economical.

It has to be said that VW Campervan limo hire is perhaps the only type of limo hire available. These days limo hire really has defied all boundaries and you can rent stretched versions of practically any vehicle. With stretched Beetles, stretched pick-ups and even converted tank limos available for hire, you can rent just about anything to transport you in style. The only drawback is, if you're looking for a stretched VW Campervan, you may be waiting for some time.

However, there are tons of alternatives to a stretch campervan hire if a 'stretch' limo is an absolute must. Indeed, with Hummers, party buses and countless more choices available, you really don't have to go far to find the perfect stretch limo. With one of these stretch limo hire vehicles, you really can relax in luxury as you're driven in style to your destination. While campervan limo hire may not offer that same level of refinement, the vehicle has a certain charm and unforgettable quality.

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