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Monster Truck Limo Hire

When hiring a limo for a special occasion, it doesn't have to be something classy, stylish and 'reserved'. In fact, today novelty limo hire is becoming more and more popular and you'd be surprised at how many people turn up to a wedding in vehicles as outrageous as monster trucks, tanks and even ambulances! Monster truck limo hire has to be one of the most popular forms of limo hire and today there are even stretched 'monster truck' limos available for hire.

With a weight of around 7 tons, the monster truck limo hire vehicle will certainly leave a lasting impression not just on your guests, but perhaps even their vehicles if they get in the way! This vehicle is around 12 feet tall and it was custom built to be a showstopper. Building a monster truck is no easy feat, but when engineers were given the challenge to 'stretch' it out, they responded with a vehicle that has a fully stocked bar, 27" Plasma TV and over 24" of lift underneath. When you see this amazing vehicle, the first thing you'll probably ask yourself is how do I get in?

Monster truck limo hire is an example of just how far limo makers go to create the ultimate vehicle. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, it really is possible to create an unforgettable limo experience. You wouldn't believe the types of limos which are currently available and perhaps the monster truck limo hire serves as proof that if you can imagine it, it's probably already been done.

With monster truck limo hire, there's currently only one vehicle available and that cost a cool $250,000 to construct. This vehicle is certainly in a class of its own and currently, there is only one in existence. If you're looking for the style of a monster truck limo hire vehicle, then while there's only one truly gigantic monster truck, there are countless different vehicles which have a similar look and style.

One example would have to be the infamous Hummer stretch limo. This vehicle looks just as monstrous as a monster truck limo but the good news is there are countless vehicles available for hire across the country. With Hummer limo hire, you can seat around 8 to 11 people in absolute luxury with bar, dance floor and even light show. While it's not a 12 feet high monster, this vehicle is about as close as it gets!

Monster truck limo hire is surprisingly a reality. Just like the many countless novelty limo hire vehicles which are also available. With any one of them, you can leave a lasting impression when you turn up to an event. Whether it's a fundraiser, concert, or even a wedding, with monster truck limo hire, you'll certainly be the only party to arrive in style.

Regardless however whether it's a monster truck limo hire or a novelty limo hire vehicle you're after, they're all fitted luxuriously with leather seating, dance floors, full bars and televisions. With one of these limousines, the party never stops.

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