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Tank Limo Hire

Everyone would love to drive a tank, but while that's only a pipe dream for many, Tank Limo hire is proving more and more popular. With novelty limo hire on the increase, it's true to say that with tank limo hire; you're certainly going to be rolling in style. While you may think that hiring a tank limo is hardly going to be comfortable, but it's surprising just how enjoyable a trip in one of these iron giants can be.

The bad news is that for US citizens tank limo hire is impossible. However, in the UK there is such a vehicle that's available to hire. Coming complete with leather seats and a magnum of champagne, this vehicle is actually a converted United Nation's Armored Personnel Carrier. This vehicle which has been painstakingly restored quite happily rolls around UK streets taking people to weddings and other special occasions.

Complete with turret, periscope and all the military paraphernalia you'd expect, this really is the ultimate tank limo hire experience and while it's not got the same level of luxury that other limo hire vehicles have, the tank limo hire is certainly unforgettable. Fitted out with military green leather seats, DVD players and also fridge it's certainly a sight to behold. With a carrying capacity for up to eight people plus chauffeur, the Tank Limo is an unforgettable ride.

Sadly, tanks are prohibited for resale by US law, however there are a number of other exclusive limo hire vehicles which are available for hire. Perhaps the nearest alternative is the hummer stretch limo which has a similar appeal, but the big difference is that the interior of this vehicle is a great deal more luxurious than any tank.

With light show, LCD television and space for over eight people, hummer limo hire allows you to ride in comfort. While it's certainly not the equivalent of the tank limo hire that's available in the UK, it's certainly comes a close second. The hummer limo is spacious, comfortable and a luxurious choice for arriving in style. With one of these vehicles, you're guaranteed to turn heads.

However, if you need an absolutely unforgettable entrance, then perhaps the only other choice would have to be monster truck limo hire. With one of these giants, you can dominate the road better than any other tank with the addition that a monster truck stretch limo is road legal too! With interiors just as luxurious as any normal stretch limo, monster truck limo hire is becoming more and more popular in the USA.

Whatever you are looking for, tank limo hire perhaps proves just how 'creative' we can be when we put our minds to it. Every possible vehicle has been converted to a limousine and the list is endless. Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, pickups, sport cars are all examples of just how imaginative some people can be. With most of them available for hire, you really will be making an impression and arriving in style. While tank limo hire may not be available in the USA, there are certainly countless other choices.

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