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4x4 Limo Hire

These days, countless vehicles being modified into luxurious, comfortable stretch limousines. With novelty limo hire getting more and more popular, a vehicle many people love to see stretched are SUV's or 4X4 vehicles. With 4x4 Limo Hire becoming more and more popular, vehicles such as Hummers, Range Rovers and even the Porsche Cayenne are all being stretched out to create a luxury vehicle.

4x4 Limo hire is a great way to have an impact regardless of the event. Whether it's a fundraiser or a stag party, with 4x4 Limo hire, you can be assured that you and your guests will have fun in one of the many stretch configurations that are available. Seating anything from 8 guests up to 40, 4x4 Limo hire has became increasingly popular recently because these vehicles often give as much as 6' of headroom.

Alongside a huge amounts of headroom, the luxury contained within these vehicles is second to none. Set up to be truly mobile parties or the ultimate executive cruiser, 4x4 Limo hire vehicles can feature dance floors, light shows, Plasma TV's and countless other innovations. With one of these swanky vehicles, you won't just be arriving in style, but having a great time on the way! 4x4 Limo hire is fun, flexible and perhaps the ultimate luxury transport.

Indeed, with 4x4 Limo hire vehicles such as the stretched Ford Excursion and BMW X5; these high class cars are even classier when decked out to accommodate 8 or more people in unbridled luxury. The great thing about these vehicles is the headroom they provide which gives you all the room you need in the back to host the ultimate party. With dance floors, dancing poles and luxury seating, it's time to enjoy the ride of your life. With many vehicles featuring a full bar, you can sit back and relax knowing a Chauffeur is on hand to do all the driving for you.

It has to be said that there's almost unlimited choice when it comes to 4x4 limo hire, as there are countless vehicles available throughout the country. You may be surprised to learn that the USA is also home to the world's largest stretch limo which also happens to be a 4x4 or SUV called Big Blue which can transport 45 people in sheer luxury. From Hummers to party buses and from Navigators to Lincoln's you can choose almost any stretch imaginable. The only limit is your imagination.

Limo hire, or more specifically 4x4 limo hire may be seen as an expensive prospect by many but the fact is that it's cheaper and more economical than you'd think. Whether it's a wedding or stag party, 4x4 limo hire gives you the freedom to do what you want to do without having to worry about named drivers, DUI's or ensuring everyone has a ride. With one of these huge vehicles, bring your friends and chill out enjoying what can only be described as the ultimate private party on wheels. What better way to have fun than with what can only be described as perhaps the most luxurious automobile in the world.

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