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Ice Cream Van Limo Hire

In the United Kingdom, the Ice Cream van is one of the most famous vehicles that every British person grew up to and today while Ice cream vans still exist, they are somewhat of a rarity. As a result the ice cream van nowadays has somewhat of a cult following and Ice cream van limo hire is a reality. Popular for weddings, Ice cream van limo hire is a great way to arrive in style, and with the added benefit that if it's a hot day, you can ensure all your guest don't overheat with fantastically tasty ice creams!

While Ice cream van limo hire is perhaps a practical idea, it has to be said that arriving to a wedding or even a birthday with the melodious tune of the ice cream van playing in the background is a truly unforgettable experience. Your guests will be wondering why there's an Ice cream van arriving, and you'll be surprising everyone when you arrive in a truly authentic Ice cream van.

Sadly however, the idea of a stretched ice cream van limo has yet to be realized and while there are a number of novelty stretch limos out there, Ice cream van limo hire is not one of them. With police cars, fire trucks and even tanks available for hire, there really is almost unlimited choice when it comes to novelty limo hire. Ice cream van limo hire may not have all the luxuries that these stretch vehicles have, but if you want to arrive in style, there's nothing quite like doing it in an ice cream van.

Today, it has to be said that ice cream trucks in the USA and Ice cream vans in the UK really are a dying trend thanks to regulations, noise pollution laws and countless other legalities. In a few years, all that may be left of the ice cream truck is Ice cream van limo hire vehicles purely for nostalgia. The existence of these hire vehicles is perhaps however proof that deep in our hearts, we all love the ice cream van!

Regardless, Ice cream van limo hire is a surprisingly popular choice for weddings and you'd be surprised at how many people see the fun in turning up to their wedding in an ice cream van. With one of these vehicles, you're certainly turning heads, selling ice cream and leaving a lasting impression. However with the increased affordability of custom stretch limos, it has to be said many brides prefer to arrive in absolute luxury.

With limo hire proving more and more popular, a stretch limo has the capacity to transport not just the bride, but most of her party as well. With many stretch limos seating up to 8 or more people, you can sit back and relax with leather seats, television and even a bar.

However, for that special day, would you rather arrive in a luxurious stretch limo, or instead take advantage of Ice cream van limo hire and arrive in unforgettable style?

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