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F1 Limo Hire

We really have thought of just about everything when it comes to making a stretch limo. Monster trucks, pick-ups, sports cars and even VW Beetle's have all been converted into stretch limos and now it would seem that there is even an F1 car limo available for hire. This vehicle which resembles a GP car is about as close to an F1 car as your ever likely to get, and added to the fact that it can reach over 300 KPH, you really will be holding on to the edge of your seat in this rather unusual vehicle.

Whether you're hiring an F1 car limo for a wedding or for a birthday party, this vehicle is set to surprise and wow the crowd. The great thing about the F1 car limo is that it's also road legal meaning that you and your driver can go just about anywhere. Indeed, this seven seater GP Car Limo is head turning, crowd pleasing and absolutely unforgettable.

The bad news about hiring the F1 car limo is that you won't be sitting back in luxury, instead you'll be holding on to the edge of your seat as this vehicle which is perhaps one of the fastest road cars in the world aims to thrill and excite not just you but your seven other passengers. While it does not have a dance floor, a hot tub or even a television, it has all the speed and acceleration you've been dreaming of.

With the F1 car limo, you will certainly be turning heads with its racy style which looks just like a GP car. You and your guests sit directly behind the driver and you will be sure to turn heads either driving on the track or through town. With this vehicle, while comfort is important, it' all about the thrill of sitting in an F1 car limo. It may not be a limo in the true sense of being the ultimate luxury vehicle, but it's certainly limo in size when you see this amazing vehicle up close.

However, while it's a truly unforgettable hire vehicle, the F1 car limo does leave a little to be desired. While it's a great invention and a one of a kind vehicle, other alternatives for hire (with roofs) include the NASCAR limo which is a genuine sports car in stretch limo form, as well as offerings that are based on Porsche's and also Ferraris. The good news is they focus on luxury and comfort as opposed to breakneck speed!

Whatever your needs, there are countless limo hire vehicles available to choose from and the F1 car limo is just one such example. With fire trucks, tanks, and many others available throughout the country, if you can imagine it, it's probably already been done. Limo hire prices are usually per hour and while it may seem expensive, it's perhaps the ultimate way to enjoy a special occasion. With the F1 car limo, if your need is speed, then you've already found your dream vehicle.

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