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Police Car Limo Hire

Novelty limo hire is becoming more and more popular as it really does allow someone to turn up in style. With police car limo hire, you can finally arrive home in the back of a police car without actually being arrested! With a number of stretch police car limo hire vehicles available they're proving popular for all ages with kids and adults absolutely loving the fact that they can cruise around town in luxury whilst sitting in the back of a cop car.

It seems strange but police car limo hire is actually really popular. These stretch limos are great ways to enjoy a day out and if you have kids that want to be a cop, police car limo hire is a fantastic way to treat them during their birthday party. With a fully uniformed driver, you will be surprised at just how authentic it feels! The good news however is handcuffs are NOT included and you can be certain that no one's being arrested.

Today, novelty limo hire is proving more and more popular and it's amazing just how much choice is available; however it has to be said that perhaps the most popular choice amongst kids and many adults are the LAPD police car limo hire which have a unique livery and look absolutely stunning. On the interior these stretch limos are just as luxurious as you'd expect featuring luxury leather seating, neon lighting, TV and even a working bar.

With a police car limo hire you really are going to be arriving in style, along with your uniformed chauffeur who will escort you to your event in style. Whether it's a police fundraiser, kid's birthday or even a bachelorettes party, you can truly have an unforgettable night out with this unique novelty limo hire. With many different types of police limo hire vehicles available, you could go for a traditional stretch Ford Lincoln, or altogether something more unique.

Police car limo hire is just one example of what's available and many of the stretch police limos were at one point real police cars! If you only need to transport a few people, then you can even hire a retired and 100% genuine cop car! Whether you need to transport 4 people or 24, there are countless options available which are actually quite affordable!

Limo hire today is more affordable than ever thanks to rapid growth in the market and the sheer number of limo hire vehicles out there. Indeed with all types of limo vehicles available, you can hire everything from stretched out F1 cars to fire trucks, pickup trucks, monster trucks and even stretch sports cars! Rates are typically per hour with an additional gratuity and fuel surcharge. For larger groups, it's surprising how affordable police car limo hire can be.

With a police car limo hire, you really can arrive in style and with one of the classy vehicles you really will steal the show and for the duration of your special day or night, you really can be the law.

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