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Fire Engine Limo Hire

After spending hours poring over the various vehicles that limousine hire companies have to offer some people still want a little more excitement than your average stretched conversion can offer. Something a bit more off the wall and that will stand out in any situation. For these people one solution would be to arrange a fire engine limo hire in one of the many converted vehicles that are in operation at the moment.

A typical one will feature sumptuous leather seating for around 8 passengers and a sound system to rival that of your local nightclub. A bar area is of course included and a fire engine limo hire vehicle should have room for champagne buckets and glasses to get the party going in style.

If realism is your thing then it is possible to find operators with working examples in which you can ride to your destination. Although maybe not the most luxurious way to travel, the excitement factor more than makes up for this when booking one of these trucks with a fire engine limo hire company.

One thing is for sure. When turning up for a big party in a fire truck, be it converted for comfort or a working model, a quiet entrance is out of the question. To make doubly sure you are noticed, fire engine limo hire firms are now bringing pink trucks into service for the ultimate in flamboyance.

Safety is always taken into consideration with this type of novelty limousine vehicle so you can sit back and enjoy yourself without having to worry about this aspect of things. They have really taken off in the UK so fire engine limo hire could be something to think about arranging if you are planning an upcoming holiday to London.

Travelling in one for the day will throw a whole new light on sightseeing while you are there and make for a great time for all. A fully qualified driver is always part of a fire engine limo hire deal so there is no need to fret about maneuvering one of these around the narrow streets of London yourself.

Ladies especially, enjoy the thrill of riding in these trucks which makes them an ideal choice for hen nights or you could organize and pay for a fire engine limo hire for your daughter’s 21st birthday so she and her friends can have the time of their lives. There is something about roaring around the streets in one of these that appeals to the female of the species.

They are great for young boys’ birthday parties too and accompanying dads always seem to enjoy fire engine limo hire as much as their sons on such occasions. Almost every boy dreams of becoming a firefighter at some point in his childhood and some of us never grow out of it. As they are in such great demand you should pick up the phone now if you want to arrange a fire engine limo hire for a future celebration.

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