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Black Limo Hire

Not too long ago, white and black limo hire were the only two colors that one could choose from. Limousines were for the most part toys for the rich and famous and the only time which 'ordinary' people would hire one was for either a wedding or a funeral. Today however, that's all changed and while black limo hire is still popular, it's also no longer your only choice. Indeed, you can now choose from practically any color under the sun.

With black limo hire or any limo hire for that matter, you may initially also think that you'll be restricted to an executive Mercedes or alternatively a stretched out Cadillac. The good news is that while these vehicles are great for executives looking for black limo hire, the novelty limo hire market has became tremendously popular in recent years. With everything from Hummers to Ferraris and from Porsche's to pickup trucks, there are now countless variations of the stretch limo to choose from and also countless colors.

Indeed, it used to be true that limo hire was an expensive ordeal and while that may for the most part still be true, the fact is that when you split the cost of black limo hire or any limousine hire for that matter, it doesn't work out nearly as bad as you might think. Indeed with typical rental costs being around $100 per hour, split between seven or more people, you really can enjoy yourself without going over budget thanks to the fact that when you share costs, it's not that much more expensive than having to hire multiple taxis.

Today, black limo hire remains in the throngs of those attending funerals, charitable events and the occasional wedding. Replacing the black limo hire vehicles are instead fabulously gaudy shocking pink stretch Hummers, metallic silver stretch Mini's and literally almost every vehicle you could imagine. With many limousines sporting a rather striking airbrushed finish, some of these vehicles really do look fantastic, and to say they turn heads would be an understatement!

The interior of these luxurious stretches is nothing to laugh at either, with fully fitted leather seats, bars, televisions, fridges and with some larger limos sporting dance floors and even hot tubs, the days of being stuck with black limo hire are long gone. Instead there are a number of vehicles which have been fitted out to ensure that whatever your destination, you and your friends are going to be having a fantastically fun and exclusive party in the back.

The good news for you is that one area where black limo hire remains the same is that most limousines available for rent all come with their chauffeur who will escort guests and ensure they are comfortable. The chauffeur does all the hard work so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. With so many different types of limousine available for hire across the country, you'll be spoiled for choice just thinking about what's available.

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